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My name is Craig “Greenbud’s” the initiator of this online weed store, When I started this I was seeking to make a profession become someone that really made a difference in the world.
I have  been in the position of not having  a source for quality weed or having to deal with shady traders. No fun!   Plus I understand that marijuana  is good medicine. Not only for treating  specific conditions, but also a great companion for the daily stresses of  modern life.
Most of the time, i get letters asking if this is real? The answer to this question is YES. It took me months of researching computer security and even more months of effort to set up a system where I could safely do this. My childhood friend who is an expert in computer security  thought me about bitcoins, encryption and every other thing that I needed to keep my identity a secret and that of my customers as well
I consider the prohibition of cannabis to be a criminal offense. Future generations will look back on our time and wonder in astonishment why anyone would like to make such an
amazing plant illegal…

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  1. Just recived my first order of black jack from you and am very happy . I am in my mid 40’s and live in a state that is behind the times . You provide a great service and truly thank you sincerely.

    1. From US to US will take maximum few days i woud emagine so. The question is how long will it take to come to UK :p Waiting 10 days now, just hoping this stupid storm irma will not desyroy the ship xD

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  3. Any suggestions on what strain I could use for migraines? I tortured with horrific migraine doe to a TBI I received as a child. I am allergic to most migraine medications and would like to try something different

  4. This was one of the 1st stores me and my husband went to as we relocated from one side of the US to the other. The staff is so friendly and very willing to help to answer any questions. Great place for people who are just starting out smoking and need that one-on-one with the staff. They keep me coming back with their killer prices and quality product. I always come back, every day day. See y’all soon

  5. Hoping to use this website soon. Nice layout easy navigation. Not one of those messy online sites. Looks good keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Craig, I’m from the u.k, dubious as to whether I can trust the product to turn up, is there a way you can reassure me?

  6. Enjoying the product, awesome, and telling others about it. Thanks so much. Will order soon in the near future. You’re a blessing.

  7. Hello. I am from Europe and i want to order from this awesome site. Can anyone from Europe tell me if they ordered and how things went? I am a bit skeptical about customs and stuff…

    1. I odered 1 ounce of Sour from greenbuds and received in London 6 days later. Packaging was great and customer service is satisfactory. Hope this helps

  8. Just wanted to pass on a thank you from a customer who really appreciates the service you provide. I know how challenging it can be to avoid naysayers, hackers, scammers, and everyone else who wants to throw a wrench in your business, but the fact that you are able to stay up and running and provide such a top-quality service is really cool. The product is always great, the packaging is professional, and it always comes in good time- thank you for that. I hope I’m able to order through you guys for a long time! Stay up

  9. If you are wondering if this is legit, its legit!
    If you are wondering if the product is legit, its legit!
    When I opened my first order and saw the buds inside my eyes lit up. I
    couldn’t believe it. Obtaining my order was so easy. So much easier than
    the hoops you have to go through locally to get medical grade products
    delivered to your door. My chronic back pain, and the insomnia that went
    with it, were no match for the indica strain. My ADHD melted away with the
    sativa strain. I will be a customer for a good long time and I am getting
    my friends who are in need, but don’t want the stigma of having to register
    and jump through hoops, to use this service as well.

  10. I’d like to hear from someone who has cancer & this has helped….I have stage 4 lung cancer, but having a hard time putting out this kind of money when not 1 review on here says anything about cancer. I’m happy for those in other situations that this has helped, but would like to hear from people in my situation.

    1. IP6 with inositol can cure your cancer. It cured my grandfathers colon cancer and my wifes aunt’s breast cancer . If possible, use the cannabis and the IP6 with Inositol. Good luck to you! 🙂

  11. I ordered from you on a whim and considered it a gamble. I wasn’t expecting it to show up to be honest! I kept checking the mail and it arrived today 12/1. It was packaged in a plain brown envelope like something that you’d order from eBay or your grandmother would send you for Christmas. I removed it from my mailbox and went upstairs. Inside the package was an aluminum package like you’d find K2 or Spice packaged in. Then inside the packaging there was a vacuumed sealed package. There was no smell whatsoever until I opened up the vacuumed sealed package and then I was about knocked over. What ever you guys did to figure this out then Kudos to you! Honestly you could smell this bud across the room. Keep up the fantastic service you are providing to people that don’t have safe access to a very important medicine.

  12. WOW! Thats all I can say. I was skeptical about this whole process until the medicine was filling the chamber of my favorite water pipe….. Really. THIS IS REAL! On top of being real, it came in 4 days from payment, it was packaged and weighed 1.01g (so over slightly) AND IT WAS FANTASTIC quality flower. Boy it was flavorful (lemon diesel) aromatic and potent. Thank you, I will no longer have to get ripped off by dealers for sub par quality crap just because I live in a rural area <3 Much love to

  13. In the words of my children, you da bomb! That was before they got grown so now they roll their eyes when I say it! But you are…!!

  14. I received my order of Amnesia Haze yesterday. Compliments to the chef! Hahtdamb that is some potent shit.
    I figure from the reviews that it’s nice to hear nice things, so I wanted you to know that you made at least one customer super happy today. This is my third (fourth maybe?) order and you haven’t let me down yet, not once!

  15. Just wanted to say thanks, and let you guys know that you are appreciated. I was past the point of being anxious, but as always…you guys deliver. One of the main reasons I’ve been a customer for years now. No matter the problem Terry fixes it. More than grateful

  16. You have my SINCEREST MOST GENUINE HEARTFELT thanks, for everything that you do. You’re my freaking savior man. You let me spend time with my family. Without what you do I would be either dead or too sick to enjoy my family. You’ve given me a gift that I can never repay.
    Thank. You. Terry

  17. I just recived my first order of black jack from you and am very happy . I am in my mid 40’s and live in a state that is behind the times . You provide a great service and truly thank you sincerely.

  18. Got the package, the blue dream is amazing! I can’t tell how happy it has made me to know I have a solid connection, I hope and pray he never stops offering this service to all of us…

  19. I will Put my order in This week.. If everything goes well… I will buy alot more from you in the future…. Thank you for your services.

  20. Your product is not only the best I’ve ever had, I also experience great customer service. If you have a problem or an issue, the webmaster gets back to you fast. Product generally arrives within a week of its order. Product comes in great quantity and sometimes a little over. You can’t beat Greenbuds from anyone else. Superb herb and service.

  21. Hey Terry, thanks for for amazing service. It took me a couple of minutes before i could figure out where it was hidden. Impressive packaging

  22. Hi Terry, we just wanted to thank you for helping us with the order. I will go ahead and spread the good news to my friends. Amazing service

  23. It really means a lot to me that you are able to provide quality medicine with this amazing service and it would be my absolute pleasure to write a tasty review for you but I’m sure you have no shortage of business :):) This is my 3rd order and I can’t wait to try these new (to me) strains of quality buds. The last 4 strains I’ve ordered were off the chain! and the weight is always right with very little stems and shake. Nothin but buds man. Nothin but quality and medicinal buds…
    I don’t know you or your associates and even though I pay good money for your services… I would hug the shit out of ALL of you, if I could and I just wanted to take a moment and express the sheer magnitude of my gratitude to you and yours (:(: May your doors be forever open and thanks again for fighting the good fight and providing this awesome service to me in the comfort and privacy of my home.
    Sincerely doesn’t cut it. I love you man. I love you all

  24. hello…
    Got to tell you how much you have helped me.
    A year ago I was diagnosed with Crohns..had a drain tube in to drain absests. My future looked dismal health wise…Doctors wanted to cut me open and remove some of the bad areas.
    They decided to wait until the inflammation went down.
    Meanwhile… I found your site after rearching alternative remedies for Crohns..and with your help started on a cannibis therapy.
    As of 26/4/16….after recent CT scans..xrays..and colontest…the Doctors say its a miracle recovery so far ….and do not need surgery.
    I hope this story helps inspire you….and maybe others….to keep up the great work that you do…..Thanks Again

  25. Not feeling comfortable yet with the reliability of this site. Was very easy and clear communication up until order. Haven’t heard anything since. SCAM?

  26. thanks, for everything that you do. You’re my freaking savior man. You let me spend time with my family. Without what you do I would be either dead or too sick to enjoy my family. You’ve given me a gift that I can never repay.
    Thank. You. My. Friend.

    1. thank you philip, it’s my first time and don’t know what to expect but ty for the response. rec’d a response today.

  27. Greetings. I”m almost 60 and suffer with severe rheumatoid arthritis. Western pharmaceuticals have done little to alleviate the pain and suffering I’ve endured. I GREATLY appreciate your service as I otherwise would not have access to such high quality medication.

  28. It was very easy to order and pay for, answered all my questions and I have to say thank you for your help. I have PA and Fibro and suffer, pain meds destroy your stomach. This changes the channel in my brain and i can handle the pain more not to mention the sickening feeling I get from my medicines. TY

  29. Thank you sincerely for the service you provide. I have struggled enormously for 27 years with a major health issue that the Doctors couldn’t help. Now I’ve discovered a medicine that has rebooted me, and I truly feel like a new man. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please continue your wonderful service.
    A loyal supporter

  30. Hey Terry thank you for helping people in America get their medicine with ease. At first i thought this was too good to be true but now i see you are man of your word as you said. Package came on fourth day and packaging was amazing. Thanks a million bruh

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