early stages of skin cancer

Treating Skin Cancer with Cannabis Oil

As previously indicated, cannabis oil is effective against cancer and it’s even more useful if one can get properly prepared oil, this will surely work to cure skin cancer. By and large, to accomplish this task, only a couple of grams is needed. About 30 grams of perfect indica bud is required. With this amount […]

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how to buy bitcoins online

How do i get Bitcoins to pay for my order?

If you want to pay with bitcoins and dont know what bitcoin is or how to get bitcoins, then this post might be of help, We have assembled a list of sites where you can buy bitcoins online with your Credit card, Bank or with cash 1.Bitquick – Buy bitcoin easily with a cash deposit […]

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legalize marijuana quote

5 safety steps to consider when consuming cannabis

While there have never been any recorded deaths or overdoses from cannabis, there are still certain guidelines every safe cannabis consumer should follow. If you’ve recently been introduced to cannabis and want to learn what it takes to be a responsible cannabis consumer, check out these 5 simple steps: 1. Know the law Laws regarding […]

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uses of cbd oil

Treatment of cancer and other ailments with weed

Welcome and thanks for joining us at Greenbuds Cannabis Store. Did you know that cannabis cures cancer? Sound weird? Yes it is! Our cannabis dispensary store offer treatment options patients, especially those suffering from cancer. Our experts also make good use of cannabis oil for wide varieties of medicinal benefits. By becoming a regular visiting […]

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legalize weed quote


My name is Craig “Greenbud’s” the initiator of this online weed store, When I started this I was seeking to make a profession become someone that really made a difference in the world. I have  been in the position of not having  a source for quality weed or having to deal with shady traders. No […]

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